When will the winners be announced? 

The announcement of winners is scheduled for Friday, September 25, 2020. All winners will be listed on the website and contacted on an individual basis. For winners comprised of teams, the team leader will be contacted.

When is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline is midnight September 21, 2020. Please submit your work in a timely manner as submissions close to the deadline may not go smoothly due to system error.

Can I apply multiple times?

You can apply multiple times under different or multiple themes, earning you a better chance of winning. However, if you apply multiple times with multiple video entries, the video entry showcasing to be the most fit with  the necessary criteria may be the only entry selected.

Who can apply?

All Korean nationals and foreign residents may apply. When submitting as a team, the prize money will be paid in accordance with one applicant.

Is there a video time limit?

No, there is no specific time limit.

Can I receive confirmation that my entry was properly submitted?

If the video entry appears on the contest page (applied videos), it means your entry was well received. If your entry does not appear within 24 hours of submission, please contact us at visitseoulcontest@gmail.com.

What are the evaluation criteria?

The criteria is as follows: adequacy of theme, creativity, usability as promotional material, and cinematic quality. To ensure fairness, the evaluation process will be conducted by an external panel of judges with specialists. The scores of the evaluation will not be disclosed.

What is the video entry copyright policy?

All video entry copyrights belong to each contestant. However, from the day of the contest winner announcement, the copyrights of the prize-winning video entries are then transferred to the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO), meaning that the videos can be modified, changed, and utilized (reprocessed if necessary) in all of STO’s online channels, including both the official website and social media pages, for the benefit of public interest.

What about the copyrights related to sound sources, fonts, and images used in the video?

Submitted entries must be free of all potential legal issues, involving matters that pertain to publicity rights, trademark rights, and copyrights related to other media images, videos, audio, phrases, and so on. Upon violation of the above, the entry(s) will be excluded from the entire evaluation process and award eligibility will be forfeit. The applicant(s) involved will also remain solely responsible for any and all civil and criminal charges.

Works with aerial filming, including the use of drones, may be submitted only with the relevant department’s permit and approval, while having also properly observed the Aviation Safety Act and other pertinent regulations during the filming process. All liability related to filming process falls upon the contestant as well. Works that do not comply with the above may be excluded from the selection process entirely. In the case of such non-compliance to be found after being selected as a winning entry, award eligibility will be forfeit.

Can I submit an entry using a past video?

Unfortunately, videos filmed prior to the commencement date of the contest are prohibited from entry. All videos posted from July 31, 2020, the commencement date of this competition, are eligible for contest entry.

Are there restrictions regarding video content?

Video entries containing a significant amount of inappropriate content, such as slang and suggestive language, will likely not be considered seriously and exempt from award eligibility. In addition, any and all misrepresentations, such as commercial promotional videos and/or image distortion, will also serve as grounds for elimination from the contest.
Works with aerial filming (drone) can be submitted only with the relevant department’s permit and approval, and the following of aviation safety laws and other relevant legal regulations. All legal responsibilities related to filming fall on the contestant. Works that do not comply with the above may be excluded from selection. (winning canceled if we already decided on the winners)

How do I receive  the prize money?

For the lucky contest winners, prize money will be transferred into a designated Korean bank account. According to the Income Tax Act, all prize money is paid following a tax deduction, as well as a deduction for public utilities.